February 11, 2010

Fire represents life

I promised a Survivor post, and here it is. Try to contain your excitement.

Survivor is tonight! I'm just so happy. Tears of joy.

I keep trying to write a post about why I like Survivor so much, as a way of introducing the epic upcoming "Heroes vs. Villains" 20th season. (Airing tonight, 7 pm, on CBS!) But I decided to just keep it simple. You are either a Survivor fan or you aren't. I can't make anyone love this show as much as I do, but I can talk about it on my blog with the hopes of discovering some other closet Survivor lovers.

That's right. I've even bought the merchandise. I'm officially a Survivor geek.

So here's my pre-Suvivor post. I am ranking the survivors from season 20. The people at the top are the ones I'd most like to see win. The ones at the bottom are the ones I'd really enjoy seeing lose a fight with a shark. Or maybe just get voted out pre-jury.

Season 20 Survivors: Favorite to least favorite to most loathed:
  • Boston Rob - Villain: from the Marquesas and All-star seasons
  • Parvati - Villain: from the Cook Islands and Fans/favorites seasons
  • Cirie - Hero: from the Panama "Exile Island" and Fans/favorites seasons
  • Courtney - Villain: from the China season
  • Colby - Hero: from the Outback and All-star seasons
  • Amanda - Hero: from the China and Fans/favorites season
  • Jerri - Villain: from the Outback and All-star seasons
  • Candice - Hero: from the Cook Islands season
  • J.T. - Hero: from the Tocantins season
  • Stephanie - Hero: from the Palau and Guatemala seasons
  • Tom - Hero: from the Palau season
  • Sandra - Villain: from the Pearl Islands season
  • Sugar - Hero: from the Gabon season
  • James - Hero: from the China and Fans/favorites seasons
  • Danielle - Villain: from the Panama "Exile Island" season
  • Rupert - Hero: from the Pearl Islands and All-star seasons
  • Randy - Villain: from the Gabon season
  • Coach - Villain: from the Tocantins season
  • Tyson - Villain: from the Tocantins season
  • Russell - Villain: from the Samoa season

Yes, this is the THIRD season for some players. Player or fan, survivor is a lifetime commitment. The players in bold are previous winners. The players in italics made it to the final tribal council in at least one of their seasons. This game is going to be good. I can't wait! :D


Jilly said...


You should talk about who you picked to represent yourself and how we play that game.

I pick Courtney. Because she's little (just like me!) and blonde and sarcastic.

If I wasn't so unhealthy in almost EVERY way, I'd totes try and get on the show!

Jamie said...

I am Parvati. But you already know that. I'll explain the "picking you in the game" in a future post.