February 26, 2010

That girl is like a virus

I realized last night that Parvati and J.T. are almost the exact same player. They both have excessive amounts of charisma, and use it to their advantage. They could both be very successful cult leaders. Upon meeting them, other players suddenly want to help them win. In J.T.'s original season, one player said "J.T. winning would be like me winning." In Parvati's second season, her alliance convinced one player to not use immunity and another player to hand over his immunity, right before voting them out. Both J.T. and Parvati joked about how stupid everyone was to believe them, and then successfully lied to them again. In those seasons, Parvati and J.T. won the million dollars.

In this season, Parvati is on the "villains" tribe and J.T. is on the "heroes" tribe. When men use charm and charisma to win Survivor, it's heroic and lauded as brilliant "strategy." When women do it, it's sneaky, evil, and compared to a virus, while being dismissed and devalued as mere "flirting."


Kerry said...

if I wasn't taking valium right now, that would probably get my feminist blood all boiling. ;-)

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

See, I only ever watched one season of Survivor, and it was the one with Ozzy- do you remember him? He was good at everything, and a nice guy who didn't stab people in the back.

I hate this show. I can't stand to watch it. The people who win are backstabbers and manipulators and the ones who would ACTUALLY survive on an island if they were stranded (or desert or whatever) are voted off without a chance because they're a thread.

Sorry to be negative. It just irks me. LOL. I don't like reality tv anyway.

Jilly said...

I'd like to see someone on the Heroes tribe complain about J.T. wiggling his hips to get what he wants.