February 8, 2010

WoW noob

Seeing as most people I know play and love this game, I thought I'd try out the 10-day free trial. Here are my observations from my first (and probably last) two hours of playing World of Warcraft:
  • By far, the hardest part of the game is coming up with character names.
  • All fantasy creatures (wolves, cougars, wild pigs, etc) carry on them a pair of tattered pants.
  • I was able to trade 50+ items of tattered clothing for 400 bullets and 400 arrows. Score!
  • Oh wait. I can't just throw arrows and bullets. And the store merchant won't buy them back. So these things are even more worthless than my 25 pairs of tattered pants. Fail.
  • Playing as an "evil" cow shaman is WAY more fun than playing as a "good" human warrior.
  • Upon first entering the human world, I see a human male something pounding THE HELL out of a tree with a wooden mallet.
  • Upon first entering the cow world, I see several large male cows spinning furiously in circles.
  • I decide to stop laughing at them when I walk into a torch and accidentally catch myself on fire.
  • My human warrior man was much more patient than me. After being stabbed several times by some troll, he still doesn't have enough rage for a decent hit. When I just step on a belt buckle, I am brimming with rage. I can't imagine how full of rage I'd be if I was attacked by an ugly troll carrying two extra pairs of tattered pants.
  • Cows and humans can't walk through walls, torches, or rocks. Though not from lack of trying!
  • Though it is more convenient, walking backwards out of a room instead of turning around is a bit embarrassing.
  • Though it promises to increase your health, sitting on the ground and eating a piece of bread in the middle of a battle is not a good idea.
  • Are higher level players able to talk at me, through my speakers? Or was that the drugs kicking in? I passed a player-cow by a bridge (green text and everything), and she asked me, audibly, out loud, to help her find her dog. I stared at her for a while then ran away.
  • The chat feature is not at all intuitive, and I'm much too impatient to read an instruction manual. So if you approached a shaman cow last night, and she stared at you for several awkward moments, and then ran away, I'M SORRY. I COULDN'T FIGURE OUT THE STUPID CHAT.
  • So it turns out, when I'm a magic evil cow in a social situation with other magic evil cows, I act the exact same as I do in real life!


Jilly said...

Too much LOLing going on over here for people to believe I'm editing a user manual.

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

LOL. I have never played this before and have never been tempted to...but evil cows spinning? Sounds pretty entertaining!

Brokenbyclouds said...

I must object to your calling the cows evil. In WoW, there is no good side and evil side. Both sides have negatives and positives. The cows in particular are quite not-evil.

All in all, an awesome first foray into WoW.

Kimberly said...

AGREED that coming up with a name is the hardest part of the game.