April 15, 2009

Where's a Trapper-Keeper when I need one?

When I found out that Taylor Kitsch is playing Gambit in the new X-Men movie, I fan-girled for the first time ever.

Scene: Me and Jill watching TV.

Jill: Ooh X-Men preview! I wonder if Tim Riggins is Gambit.
Jill: He's in the new X-Men movie.
Jill: *surprised I don't already know this* Yeah... just watch.
Taylor Kitsch: *appears on screen during X-Men commercial*
Me: EEEEEEEE!!!!!! *hands flailing*
Jill: I have you never seen you fangirl before. It's quite amusing.

Now I "geek out" over many things: Survivor, Lord of the Rings, Arrested Development, Harry Potter, and more recently Star Trek. "Geeking out" involves knowing way too many facts about, being able to quote entire scenes from, dressing up as, posting on message boards about, dropping random quotes from...and many other things that indicate very high interest in a book, tv show, movie, or person. It may be exceedingly nerdy, but it's all very calm and orderly. But fangirling is much, much different. In addition to everything listed above, it involves squeeling, ALLCAPS, poor grammar and exclamation points. It is loud, insane, highly mockable, and in some instances can be scary. (See: TwiMoms.) For laid-back people like myself, "geeking out" is much preferred. Fangirls are to be pointed at while laughing.


(And if you do not know who Tim Riggins is, I feel great pity for you.)


jes said...

ok. see. normally i just lurk on your blog. (lurk, lurk.) because typing takes hands and fingers. (you know.) but today i was reading and drinking hot chocolate and i laughed so hard it came out my nose and the hot chocolate was too hot so now i have scalded nose parts all because of imagining you as a fangirl.

Deja said...

i, like jes, laughed. giggled even.

perhaps i am a fangirl.

Jill said...

I got to actually see it. I was honestly too shocked to mock it appropriately.

Jill said...

I just made him my work desktop. I wonder how long I'll be able to keep it up before either a) I get too embarrassed from blushing every time I look at it and take it down or b) I'm mocked mercilessly from one or more of the guys here at work.

Naturally, I'll justify his presence as "geeking out" over X-Men and Gambit, but we will both know he's there cuz I'm fangirling.