March 31, 2011

Days like this

Highlights from today's evening walk:
  • Little purple violets that pop up all along the park strip through last year's dead leaves and trampled grass
  • Watching two kids across the street running back and forth through their tiny lawn, barefoot in their pajamas
  • Feeling the first traces of lingering warmth into the air
  • Knowing that even though I really didn't want to put on shoes and take a walk, I did it anyway
It's now 8 pm and my window is still wide open, the last bit of March air breathing through my bedroom. The sky is still slightly glowing at the edges, clinging to the last bit of sun. I'm watching the blue slowly darken around black empty trees. Tomorrow is April, and Friday, and spring is coming.

March 28, 2011

I went to Disneyland

And Jill took pictures. And wrote blog posts. You should go read them.

Japanese Garden: When Koi Fish Attack!
Aquarium of the Pacific: Invasion of the Field Trippers!
Disneyland: Rides, Raves, and Rain!
Everything Else: Things Not Worthy of Exclamation Points!

March 15, 2011


The post, that is. Not the gifts. My best birthday presents, birthday #29:

From Jill to me:
Cute cereal bowls, a variety of fancy fruit-infused olive oils, three spiffy salad dressing shakers, and a plethora of pop.

Oh and a happy dish brush.

From me to me:
A clean room. This is a really big deal. My room is usually a laundry pile, empty soda pop can, book stack disaster. (Side note: If my life depended on my ability to hold a camera straight and take a decent well-lit picture, I would surely die.)

Bookshelf and bright window

Bed and scarves

Love seat and (partial) desk