April 24, 2009

Jim! You don't ask the Almighty for his ID!

I'm still watching the Star Trek movies in order, and must say that out of all the odd-numbered (bad) Star Trek movies, Star Trek 5 is by far the most hilarious.


  • Spock's rocket boots and heroic mid-air handstand
  • Attack of the three-breasted catwoman
  • Uhura dancing with an oversized feather fan on top of a sand dune, while dressed as a Vegas showgirl (She was distracting a bunch of bald bed-sheet wearing aliens so Kirk and crew could steal their horses. I'm sure it was all standard procedure.)
  • God's laser eyes
  • The man-eating Stonehenge that ate Spock's brother (uh...spoiler alert)

If you're in the mood for a so-bad-it's-good movie, definitely check out Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier.

Wow. Trailers have certainly evolved. It's amazing anyone ever went to movies with trailers like that.

April 15, 2009

Where's a Trapper-Keeper when I need one?

When I found out that Taylor Kitsch is playing Gambit in the new X-Men movie, I fan-girled for the first time ever.

Scene: Me and Jill watching TV.

Jill: Ooh X-Men preview! I wonder if Tim Riggins is Gambit.
Jill: He's in the new X-Men movie.
Jill: *surprised I don't already know this* Yeah... just watch.
Taylor Kitsch: *appears on screen during X-Men commercial*
Me: EEEEEEEE!!!!!! *hands flailing*
Jill: I have you never seen you fangirl before. It's quite amusing.

Now I "geek out" over many things: Survivor, Lord of the Rings, Arrested Development, Harry Potter, and more recently Star Trek. "Geeking out" involves knowing way too many facts about, being able to quote entire scenes from, dressing up as, posting on message boards about, dropping random quotes from...and many other things that indicate very high interest in a book, tv show, movie, or person. It may be exceedingly nerdy, but it's all very calm and orderly. But fangirling is much, much different. In addition to everything listed above, it involves squeeling, ALLCAPS, poor grammar and exclamation points. It is loud, insane, highly mockable, and in some instances can be scary. (See: TwiMoms.) For laid-back people like myself, "geeking out" is much preferred. Fangirls are to be pointed at while laughing.


(And if you do not know who Tim Riggins is, I feel great pity for you.)

Tax Day and Tea Parties

I read on ksl.com that several "tea party" rallies are being held around the state and country protesting Obama's proposed revamps of the tax code. From that article:

One such protest is happening in Salt Lake. It's just like the Boston Tea Party more than 235 years ago. They're protesting taxes, but these people are upset with the Obama administration. It is just one planned in Utah.

Are people throwing boxes of tea into the Great Salt Lake? I admit, it is possible with conference still fresh in everyone's minds, but I highly doubt it. I'm guessing these protests will be groups of people holding magic-markered signs and marching around politely in circles, in protest-approved areas. In which case it is not "just like" the Boston Tea Party at all. And since I'd guess that 99% people marching in the rain and snow during the workday do not make more than a quarter of a million dollars a year, they are actually protesting LESS taxes. A legal, organized protest over a tax decrease proposed by an elected president. Sounds like the exact opposite of the Boston Tea Party.

Another funny line: "Organizers are expecting 400 to 700 rallies on the streets and online." Oh noes! People are going to protest online! THERE WILL BE INAPPROPRIATE CAPS AND FONTS EVERYWHERE! Be sure to lock your doors!

April 6, 2009

Number One

I've been watching all of the Star Trek movies in sequential order, something everyone should do at some point. I've been watching them with Jill and Kimberly. We want to watch them all before the new J. J. Abrams Star Trek coming out this summer. Yes, I know it's a prequel and I don't need to watch all of the movies first. Sometimes it's nice to make a goal and follow-through.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture: I liked the plot, it just took way too long to get to it. If you cut out all the scenes of people staring, the movie would be half as long. And no one ever wants to see anyone wearing a white jumpsuit.

Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan: The traditional red, yellow, and blue uniforms are SO MUCH BETTER. Even with high expectations and knowing how it all ends, this movie was awesome and well-paced.

Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock: Doc Brown as a Klingon! Worst Star Trek movie so far, yes even worse than #1. The acting was lame, but not quite hilarious. The fight scenes and the Vulcan hats didn't make any sense. Although, as Kimberly pointed out during young Spock's Vulcan menstruation scene, at least on some planet it sucks more to be a guy than a girl.

We'll get through 4-6 in the next couple of weeks and then YAY! we'll be to The Next Generation movies. I'm liking the original Star Treks, but TNG is so so much better.