May 27, 2009

Needs more zombies

You know what great works of literature have been missing? Zombies. Luckily, this problem is being addressed.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

From that link:
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies features the original text of Jane Austen's beloved novel with all-new scenes of bone-crunching zombie action. As our story opens, a mysterious plague has fallen upon the quiet English village of Meryton and the dead are returning to life! Feisty heroine Elizabeth Bennet is determined to wipe out the zombie menace but she's soon distracted by the arrival of the haughty and arrogant Mr. Darcy. What ensues is a delightful comedy of manners with plenty of civilized sparring between the two young lovers and even more violent sparring on the blood-soaked battlefield as Elizabeth wages war against hordes of flesh-eating undead. Complete with 20 illustrations in the style of C. E. Brock (the original illustrator of Pride and Prejudice) this insanely funny expanded edition will introduce Jane Austen's classic novel to new legions of fans.

May 12, 2009

The new Star Trek movie

I saw it a few days ago and it was AWESOME. And watching all the original series movies before totally paid off. I know there were probably a billion references, but the two I enjoyed the most were 1. the entire Kobiashi Maru simulation thing (with Chris Pine doing hilarious Shatner line readings) and 2. the parallel to the part in Star Trek 4 where Scotty "helps" the engineering guy invent see-through aluminum. "How do we know he didn't invent the stuff?" Oh, and of course the obligatory red-shirt. (Speaking of which, I want this shirt.)

But even if you know nothing about Star Trek, it's still a fantastic movie. I want to see this movie again in IMAX and I want who ever makes them to make a whole bunch more.