April 15, 2009

Tax Day and Tea Parties

I read on ksl.com that several "tea party" rallies are being held around the state and country protesting Obama's proposed revamps of the tax code. From that article:

One such protest is happening in Salt Lake. It's just like the Boston Tea Party more than 235 years ago. They're protesting taxes, but these people are upset with the Obama administration. It is just one planned in Utah.

Are people throwing boxes of tea into the Great Salt Lake? I admit, it is possible with conference still fresh in everyone's minds, but I highly doubt it. I'm guessing these protests will be groups of people holding magic-markered signs and marching around politely in circles, in protest-approved areas. In which case it is not "just like" the Boston Tea Party at all. And since I'd guess that 99% people marching in the rain and snow during the workday do not make more than a quarter of a million dollars a year, they are actually protesting LESS taxes. A legal, organized protest over a tax decrease proposed by an elected president. Sounds like the exact opposite of the Boston Tea Party.

Another funny line: "Organizers are expecting 400 to 700 rallies on the streets and online." Oh noes! People are going to protest online! THERE WILL BE INAPPROPRIATE CAPS AND FONTS EVERYWHERE! Be sure to lock your doors!


Ju said...
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Deja said...

i'm not smart enough to understand the nuances of things like this. but i do know the writing in the article was icky-bad. really terribly awkward and confusing. my students write more clearly than that.