April 6, 2009

Number One

I've been watching all of the Star Trek movies in sequential order, something everyone should do at some point. I've been watching them with Jill and Kimberly. We want to watch them all before the new J. J. Abrams Star Trek coming out this summer. Yes, I know it's a prequel and I don't need to watch all of the movies first. Sometimes it's nice to make a goal and follow-through.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture: I liked the plot, it just took way too long to get to it. If you cut out all the scenes of people staring, the movie would be half as long. And no one ever wants to see anyone wearing a white jumpsuit.

Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan: The traditional red, yellow, and blue uniforms are SO MUCH BETTER. Even with high expectations and knowing how it all ends, this movie was awesome and well-paced.

Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock: Doc Brown as a Klingon! Worst Star Trek movie so far, yes even worse than #1. The acting was lame, but not quite hilarious. The fight scenes and the Vulcan hats didn't make any sense. Although, as Kimberly pointed out during young Spock's Vulcan menstruation scene, at least on some planet it sucks more to be a guy than a girl.

We'll get through 4-6 in the next couple of weeks and then YAY! we'll be to The Next Generation movies. I'm liking the original Star Treks, but TNG is so so much better.


Megan said...

I saw Star Trek Collectors Series Pez Dispensers today. I thought of you. You make such great goals.

Jamie said...

I try to make goals I can actually achieve. No one wants a hard goal.

Jill said...

We're 1:2 right now. And I KNOW I like number 4. So we'll have to wait and see if Original Star Trek comes out on top.