November 5, 2012

See I can follow through

A short silly post! As promised, no more five month hiatuses followed by a depressing "update" post that illustrates the current lameness of my life.

Check out these hilarious (and disgusting) Weight Watcher cards from the 1970s. I think the secret weight loss strategy was to publish pictures of THE MOST disgusting food, hopefully making the dieters lose their appetite for the rest of the day.

Here's my favorite:

The food itself is nowhere near the worst of the bunch (though, what THE HELL is that water crap in the center?), but the creepiness is turned up to 11 with the gathering of the ceramic cats and toad. WHY are they staring at the food? I picture the cook finishing the platter, turning away, then turning back to see ALL of her ceramic friends staring intently at whatever the hell it is she just cooked.

Fair warning. All future food pictures I post on this blog will be surrounded my large collection of souvenir owls, all of them staring creepily at the food I am about to eat.


Carly said...

HAHAHA! This IS funny. Well done.

Jilly said...

That green stuff looks so gross. D: