November 7, 2012

Like a vacuum

I really suck at goals. Well, at follow-through in general. But one of my favorite things is making goals. And then organizing them. Dividing them into sub-goals and grouping them into super-goals. Prioritizing, listing, color-coding, charting out on poster board and buying lots of gold star stickers.

They will ALL BE MINE.

But that's about as far as I go. I burn out, usually at about draft 3 of the amazing poster board calendar chart. So how do you do it? Move from the thrilling high of organizing change to actually changing? I need different strategies. I have some ideas I plan on trying out, and I'll let you know how they go. I'm sorely tempted to document those ideas in full entertaining detail, but I'm restraining myself. (As best I can, anyway. Clearly, I'm still blogging about it, however vaguely.) (Hee. Clearly and vaguely in the same sentence, describing the same verb. I'M SUCH A PARADOX.) Anyway. Let's see what doing first can accomplish.


Jilly said...

I needed two years of therapy before I figured out how to do things. And all I can say for it is: who cares if you don't feel like it, do it anyway. And I still don't do all the things.

I'm no help at all.

Carly said...

Holy organize freak, Batman! Jessica is the EXACT same way. Good luck! And Jill, your comment was worthless. Oh burn! BURN. I'm tired. I can burn better tomorrow.