January 29, 2010

Search Overload

Alternate title: It's time for another very important rant.

Have you ever seen a Bing commercial?

Well now you have. Have you ever seen a website with Bing-powered hot links?

It's kind of hard to see what's going on there, but some websites have hot linked words throughout their text. These display this super obnoxious bing window on roll over. Not after clicking the word, just accidentally rolling over it with your mouse. Now these bing windows are annoying enough, but what puts it into rant territory is their exact similarity to what the commercials are making fun of. You are reading a block of text and suddenly, one word triggers a total freak-out of search results only tangentially related to what you are actually reading. So the bing commercials are inadvertently demonstrating the experience of reading a bing-linked web page. And I agree with them. IT'S OBNOXIOUS.

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