January 15, 2010

100% Chance

I am being encouraged by Jill to share my random ranting about meaningless things. Maybe she's sick of being the sole recipient of these rants. Maybe this is the first step in her master evil plan to turn me into that crazy lady on the corner that's angrily yelling at what may or may not be an imaginary leprechaun on her shoulder. (Imaginary or not, being taunted by leprechauns is OBNOXIOUS.)

Whatever her reasons, I think it's a capital idea. Quite quite indeed. Top hat, monocle! Fancy ballgowns. (Crap. Her evil plan is working.) So here is my first in what may be many rants about random meaningless things. (And by "random" I usually mean "prompted by reading internet message boards.")

Very Important Rant #1: 100% Chance
  • Jamie: does it really make sense to say there's a "100% chance" of something? doesn't the 100% negate the chance?
  • Jill: valid point
  • Jamie: wouldn't you just say "this is going to happen"
  • Jill: yeah
  • Jamie: what they should say, what they mean, is 99% chance. as in very very likely.
  • Jill: right
  • Jamie: and don't even get me STARTED on 110% chance.
  • Jill: who is "they"?
  • Jamie: internet peeps mostly
  • Jill: haha
  • Jill: that'd be a funny little blog post


Jilly said...

I feel like this post is more about me than anything else.

And I'm okay with that.

Jamie said...

Onions! Raw chicken! Drink faster! Soup! Lemons on an empty glass! Napkins! Forks!

I felt like referencing our silly lunch somehow, but couldn't think of anything relevant.

Jilly said...

Either go to McDonalds or CLOSE THE DOOR!
Invite me to a movie? LESS TIP!
We could be men, YOU DON'T KNOW!

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

LOL. Jamie, I'm right there with you. I have a THOUSAND rants I could write up, ALL inspired by internet message boards. I would swear off of them...but they're SOOOO addicting!

Deja said...

Hey, I never thought of that. But so true.