October 25, 2009

Lard, mustache, huge, little, head is ice cream

I just caught up on Community this weekend. It is so hilarious. I keep forgetting how hilarious it really is. Why must all good shows be on at 7 pm on Thursdays?! At least there's Hulu.com. I missed episode 3 because I'm too slow. I guess now I'll have to buy it on dvd.

Here is a remix of a couple of this show's most hilarious clips. It's hilariousness will bite your face off.

(Hilarious count: 4. It really is that funny.)


Kerry said...

I almost peed myself when the "human being" mascot came out this week.

Jilly said...

If you haven't seen the actual footage, that remixed song is a little weird. That part with all three of them dancing looks funny, though.

I'll bet I could find episode 3 for you. I watched most of the last season of Scrubs through such sources.