June 5, 2012

Oh hey, it's been a while

And woah the blogger post interface changed. What's up with this posting format. You can't see it, obviously, but trust me. It's way different. It's like I'm just typing to myself in a google doc, pretending I have friends. Friends with no hands that I only communicate with over chat.  I MIGHT ACCIDENTALLY TYPE OUT ALL MY SECRETS. Or, like, a work document that explains how to set up the computers for the alpha test in the lab. Here's how you do it: you turn them on and make sure they have chairs. Oh and headphones. That work. ONE PAYCHECK PLEASE.

This new dashboard says my blog has had over 8800 page views. That's a lot of disappointed people. I'm hoping most of those were spambots.

SO anyway, the reason I made a new post after three months of silence. I saw this on youtube. For 5 minutes and 35 seconds I thought I'd traveled back in time, watching Jill play this game. See, I never played the game because I suck at video games. I'm the girl in Halo running around in a circle with her crappy gun pointed up in the air saying, "Which one is me?" And then Jake shoots me. (Yes. I'm the Pierce of video games.) It's always bothered me. I grew up in the 90s, video games were really important to me. The only way I could enjoy them was to pretend to be above them. "I don't play video games. I read books." Except Mario Kart. NO ONE is above Mario Kart. I finally sat down one weekend and dedicated myself to beating Tetris. I just wanted to master ONE game. I did it. Got to level 100, and then the levels just roll over back to 1. I really wish I could put this on a resume.

But I loved just watching this game. It was one of the first we ever played, on the old original NES. I really love how Ariel kicks stuff with her fin. And flops around on land like a seal. (Don't watch the whole thing. It's really not worth it.)


Megan said...

Try uploading a picture. It will blow your mind.

Jilly said...

It was worth it! Except whoever was playing was so FAIL. KICK IN THE SAND, THERE ARE TREASURES IN THERE!

I'm sure I never beat the game. Someone should buy me a working NES and some games. Plz.

Carly said...

HA! While watching the video I kept yelling.. KICK THE SAND! I see Jill was just as annoyed. :)
I miss that game. I only played it a short while since I was too young when we first got it, and we had upgraded to Sega by the time I could play and not instantly die. It was fun!
ps. you can buy cheap replicas of the original NES. I bought one a few years back and played Duck Hunt.