September 14, 2011

Overheard on Public Transportation

As I am now without a car, I think this has the potential to become a regular series.

I Really Hope They Are Talking About Picking a Band Name
She-Hooligan: We're going to be firetruck cannibals.
He-Hooligan: You're what?
She-Hooligan: We're going to be firetrucks that eat other firetrucks.
He-Hooligan: I'd love to see you guys just walk into a fire station...
She-Hooligan: ...and start, like, gnawing on the tires. Haha.
He-Hooligan: Haha. Well if anyone could do that, it'd be you guys.

Anarchists New Making Friends
Angry Man: You see that cop?
Jaded Teen: Yeah?
Angry Man: He's there to give you a $500 ticket for jaywalking.
Jaded Teen: Woah.
Angry Man: They can't think of normal ways to do things, so they just make them up.
Jaded Teen: I hate cops.
Crazy Bearded Man: Me too! I keep getting hit by cars when crossing a crosswalks.
Jaded Teen: Man.
Crazy Bearded Man: It's happened three times. The cops told me that half of them were my fault. The light was white. How was that my fault?

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