July 30, 2009

Another wtf moment, brought to you by ksl

I'm going to need a new tag for this. (Which is quite the process for me... my meticulous side feels the need to go through all old posts and add the new tag where applicable. Now if only that meticulous side could get me to do the effing dishes.)

So anyway. There was this fight at a Trax station in Salt Lake City yesterday. Two men got in a fight on the platform and fell in front of an oncoming Trax car. So, naturally, on ksl.com, this news event requires a ranting article about how homeless people stink.

The comments are great too. They'd make a fantastic drinking game. Every time someone blames something on illegal immigrants, take a drink. Every time someone thinks more guns would solve the problem, take a drink. Doesn't matter what the problem is, or the topic of the article. Illegal immigrants cause every problem, and more guns would solve them.


Kerry said...


i think I'm drunk now, tho..

Jilly said...

I don't even know where to START. And I'm just referring to the article--I'm not going to bother with the comments after hearing what you said about them.

The writer of this article obviously has a focus issue. Police THINK it was a rival gang fight? Nevermind that. The homeless make the library stink. Except the library says they don't. But one mom doesn't feel safe bringing her kids to the library...in downtown Utah. And people feel unsafe at that trax station. The only unsafe part of that trax station is the fact that pedestrians cross when it CLEARLY is not their turn and so oncoming left turning cars always have to stop and wait. But really the problem is marijuana. But don't worry, the police are totally attacking that. Oh btw the men didn't die and will be questioned in regards to their gang affiliations, deoderant brands, and their marijuana usage asap. Don't worry Utah. The urban vibe of 200 E and 400 S will soon become the family oriented oasis that it should be once these two men come to justice.