November 6, 2008

A post about the weather

Earlier this fall, I blogged about how much I loved winter. How I loved it maybe even more than fall. Well Utah was suddenly tossed into winter yesterday, with a lake-effect snow storm. I was sitting at work, watching the heavy snowfall and getting incredibly depressed. The sky was covered with dark clouds, so the snow was the lightest thing in the gray sky. It seemed overwhelmingly bleak.

But then I went home, and the snow stopped and the sun came out just long enough to set. And then I remembered why I like winter. The sky was a swirl of pale yellow and pale blue. Even though the colors were muted, the sky was dramatically vibrant against the white. Everything was covered in snow, and it seemed like everything was holding perfectly still. It gives the outside a great quiet, calm feeling. On one street, I saw rows of trees completely covered in snow, except for one. The leaves were bright yellow, all of them still on the tree. When I walk around outside during the winter I feel like a little kid, sneaking around in the early morning while everyone else is sleeping.

(I didn't take this picture, but I did wish I'd brought my camera with me. Maybe next time.)

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Kerry said...

there's not much that's more delicately beautiful than new snow.