March 5, 2013

from August 2, 2003

There was a storm today. It only lasted three minutes or so, but still. There hasn't been a storm in Utah for a while. I came outside at about 9:30 at night and the storm has already moved away but it's still windy and the clouds are dark and heavy. The sun just finished setting and the sky is clinging to the last bit of left over sunlight.

Just to look at it - the light and the sky - is overwhelming.

I love lights in the sky. There are about three big searchlights coming from somewhere in the valley, but the sky seems too thick to hold them. Jake was shining a floodlight up into the sky, watching the light disappear into the dark clouds. I remember doing that with my flashlight at girls camp in the mountains or at Grammy's old house in Idaho. I'd shine the light straight up, illuminating tall tree tops or barely brushing on the side of the mountain. It always made me feel a little scared, but I liked it. It was that same overwhelming feeling, when for a moment, the sky is so much bigger than I ever seemed to notice.

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