July 9, 2010

Movie Review Catch-up

Toy Story 3 - The Incredibles is my most favorite pixar movie, but The Toy Story Saga (shut up, Twilight, you don't own that word) is a very close second. Mr. Tortilla Head was hilarious and creepy. (What is the essence of a person, really? Is he just a collection of parts? Would he exist if just one detachable body part remained? Can Mr. Potato Head really be Mr. Potato Head without the potato?) This movie is just as good as the other two.

Twilight: Eclipse - So hey, I actually kinda liked this one. Where has Jasper been all this time? He needs his own movie. And no Edward flashback? Boo. About that engagement ring: Jill knew a woman that was Stephenie Meyer's cousin's wife (or something) who made wedding rings that she claimed Stephenie Meyer approved as the "official" Bella engagement ring. It looked nothing like that giant sparkly egg. The woman Jill knew had to stop making them, by order of Stephenie's lawyers. Producing and selling that ring were her and her husband's primary source of income. Seeing an ad for Bella's "official" engagement ring made me wonder how awkward those family reunions must be. Would that woman's customers all demand refunds? Has she gone bankrupt? It made me wonder what it really does to a family to have someone become extremely famous. How many extended relatives expect to leach off of your success? What is your obligation to a distant relative who makes a living off of your work?

Back to the movie, it was entertaining and not nearly as cringe-inducing as I anticipated. It was also much better than Last Airbender.

The Last Airbender - This movie got beat up pretty bad by critics, but it's not as bad as they say it is. It's not good, but I was entertained and somewhat intrigued. The acting was Star Wars: Episode 1-3 level bad, but the story is interesting. I hadn't watched the cartoon before, so I could easily get distracted by plot. And I don't know why the critics are calling the movie "ugly"... I thought it was very pretty. But then they probably had to watch it in 3D and this was yet another movie that outsourced their 3D after the movie was finished. Quit doing that Hollywood! No one wants to pay MORE money for an uglier movie. If you see this, definitely see it in 2D.


Megan said...

Very informative. I love your movie reviews. I want to see all 3 of those movies. I wonder if my hick town theater that doesn't accept credit cards even has a 2D option...

Elise said...

I love your reviews. I'll skip Airbender.

Brokenbyclouds said...

I saw Eclipse and thought the same thing you did. It was craaaazy better than the other two. Not having read the books, I can't say for certain but it seemed like the director was adding some commentary on the plot that I liked.

And Bella actually asserting an opinion and worldview that doesn't center on boys there at the end? Is that in the book? I mean, it wasn't I Have a Dream or anything but it was a far cry from the persistent passivity that's been her character heretofore.

Jamie said...

The director definitely added some commentary. I haven't read Eclipse either, but I'm well versed in the fan-wank community. There's one scene he changed that really BUGGED me to find out it wasn't written that way in the book. The part where Bella cuts herself with the rock during the Victoria fight? In the book she just grabs a rock and thinks about it but doesn't do it. Well, she thinks about KILLING herself to distract Victoria and random dude but doesn't go through with it. WTF? OF COURSE you should just cut yourself to distract the bad vampire from killing your vampire boyfriend and who would ever think killing yourself to distract her is a good idea? If that's a valid plan, just let Victoria kill you when Edwards not there, in like book 2. Save us all from the horror that I hear is coming in book 4.

Carly said...

Hahahaha! Book 4 will be quite an odd movie. I read that they want to make it 2 movies. Harry Potter copiers!
I didn't mind The Last Airbender either! That bald boy was a horrible actor, along with those other kids but, I was entertained too. I watched all the cartoons beforehand and I think that helped.
Your movie reviews are so helpful! :)