June 13, 2010


Remember jellies? Apparently, they are back in.

The pink ones were always the best, followed closely by clear.

Of all the silly clothes from my childhood, I'd have never guessed these would be back in. Jellies were my official pool shoes. Now, I realize that most people do not wear shoes in the pool. But my mom was weird. She insisted we not go barefoot in the pool, lest we blister up our feet on the rough cement pool floor. My grandma's house in Idaho had a pool, and every summer vacation was spent there. So every summer, it was either socks in the pool, or jellies. For a few summers, we actually did have to wear socks, because our other shoe options were not waterproof. (But socks are?) Try swimming in a pair of socks. It doesn't work. The socks do not want to be worn in pool, so they will slowly roll off of your foot. Socks, you see, are reasonable. They realize it is ridiculous to be worn in the pool. Or maybe they think they're in the washing machine and are obeying their natural instinct to separate and be lost forever. Or maybe they have no human qualities at all. We'll never know. What I do know is that jellies were the far superior footwear for swimming.


Jilly said...

OMG I forgot we wore socks in the pool. Hahaha!

Claire Elaine said...

Jame-Sorry this is so far down the posting but I remember those jellies. I tried to keep you and your sisters on the high fashion edge and right then jellies were it. BTW so was big hair. M.

Darian Stephens said...

I noticed 'it was, it was' I don't suppose you could fix that mistake?

Jamie said...

Sure can! Done and done.