August 27, 2009

Good-bye Mr. W!

Someone stole the license plate off of my car last night. When I saw it was missing, I started looking for it on the ground, because I'm sure license plates often just fall off of parked cars.

My sister Carly, self-proclaimed expert on license plate theft (among other things), informed me that it was stolen for my yellow "10" registration sticker. I kind of hope that's true, because that sticker is CRAZY GLUED to the license plate. Seriously. Getting my car registered this year was the most obnoxious series of FAIL ever. So of course, when I finally got the sticker, it wouldn't stick to the plate. Those things are usually like super magnets, once it even senses it's near the license plate, it's stuck forever. But this year, the sticker wasn't sticky. By that point, I was so frustrated, I drove to the hardware store, bought a tube of crazy glue, and poured about half of it on the back of that stupid sticker. Good luck getting THAT peeled off, license plate-stealing hooligans!

It's only $13 to replace, so it's not much more than an inconvenience. But if you see someone driving around with a 250 MRW plate, do... something. Honk at them maybe? Or glare as you pass by. That'll show 'em, I'm sure.

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