March 14, 2013

I wish I wore more hats

My favorite part of Go Dog, Go. (Which I think I read to Jake and Caitlin about a thousand times.)


Jilly said...

Notice that the douchebag male dog can have a stupid hat, but the female dog has to have the most complicated hat ever.

Jamie said...

Not to rain on your feminist parade (though you appear to have an umbrella, so you'll be fine), the male dog never asks the female's opinion. You could argue that he doesn't value it enough to care, but maybe he's just more confident and less vain.

Honestly, that female dog would have been better off. If male dog liked her for her, he would love whatever hat she was wearing. Now she has to wear that ridiculous hat every day for the rest of her life.

Jilly said...

Bitch be screwed.